There’s Something Happening Here!

Here are some past events that we are still excited about!


Reformation 500 Dinner a Joyous Success!

Around 40 people gathered at Trinity Lutheran Church in Convoy on October 29th for food, fellowship, and worship. Members of all 4 of the Van Wert County ELCA congregations were present. Each person brought an item for the meal, some bringing pasta and sauce, others bringing salad fixings, while others brought bread and desserts! Folks from all of the congregations worked together to prepare the meal.

Once the food was ready, everyone sat at the tables and began worship with Pastor Denise Brown leading a  Reformation Litany that was adapted from the writings of reformers. Prayers were prayed, “A Mighty Fortress” was sung, the Apostles’ Creed was confessed, and Romans 3:19-28 was read.

From there, folks got up and filled their plates. “Like the feeding of the 5000, we were worried that there wouldn’t be enough. But there was plenty!” Pastor Janine Foster says. When most people were done eating, worship continued with a reading from “Luther’s Works” and a brief reflection by Pastor Will Haggis. A time of guided discussion followed where many fruitful and hopeful conversations occurred. There was quite a bit of laughter as well! There was a time for creative prayer before Holy Communion, when folks broke into songs like “Jesus Loves Me,” “Sanctuary,” and other well known, easy to sing songs. Communion was followed by singing “Canticle of the Turning” before heading into clean up. Pastor Janine says, “It was really cool to see how everyone worked together and different people were in the kitchen at various times. Pretty much everyone participated in either prep, serving, or clean up!” The evening wrapped up with dessert and a sending blessing.

Several people mentioned an interest in gathering in this way as the whole county of ELCA churches again, maybe around Pentecost if not before! “As we commemorated the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, we knew that it needed to be a commemoration of unity in some way. We grieve division in the Church. This was a beautiful way to celebrate unity and we look forward to more opportunities to come together as ELCA congregations and across denominational divides,” concludes Pastor Janine.