What to expect in worship

Sometimes entering a new space with new faces can be overwhelming. Here are some things you might notice about how Trinity worships God.

Children are welcomed and embraced!  Young worshippers are a part of the community and therefore a crucial part of the entire worship service, not just the children’s message. We know kids are in worship and make noise. That’s great! It is the kind of noise we like to hear.

Come as you are.  We don’t care what you’re wearing, we are just thrilled that you are here!

We read and sing scripture passages. God’s Word read and proclaimed in community is one of the key parts of worship.

People make an offering. A part of our service includes people who are supporting God’s mission in the world through our church. As a new friend, we don’t expect you to give so don’t feel any expectations or pressure.

Passing the Peace takes a while. We really like each other, so we take our time greeting one another in the name of Christ. It’s okay to get out of your pew and try and shake everyone’s hand (or bump elbows if you aren’t feeling well).

Communion. We have communion every Sunday and everyone is welcome. If you don’t feel ready to commune, that’s okay. Just know you are invited!

Worship is intentional and often described as traditional.   We do liturgy. We sing hymns. Worship follows an order. But we are also willing to try new things.